‘Jessica Jones’ season 2 trailer digs into a dark past

After a brief teaser late last year, Netflix is finally ready to reveal what Jessica Jones‘ long-in-the-making second season is all about. The service has posted a full trailer for the Marvel show that focuses on Jessica’s past: she wants to know why she’s the only one to have emerged alive from the horrific crash that killed her family. It also brings up an attempt to take over her private investigation practice and a mysterious killer terrorizing New York City. In short, Jessica will have her hands full.

The new season is slated to premiere on March 8th. It’s difficult to know if this second run can live up to the success of the first, but the trailer suggests the ingredients are in place. Jessica’s strong-yet-jaded persona remains intact, and the series will continue to touch on previous themes like consent and gaslighting (notably, every episode this season is directed by a woman). The first season was alluring to some in part because it resisted the usual superhero tropes while addressing serious issues; that’s clearly going to continue.

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