Armed raider tackled by customers in Dublin pub

While the reaction of drinkers in a Dublin pub to the arrival of an armed robber went against all normal security advice, there will still be huge admiration for their courageous intervention.

The masked raider burst into the Speaker Connolly bar in Tallaght at closing time on Monday night, threatened staff with what appeared to be an Uzi sub-machine gun and demanded the takings.

However, three customers wrestled the intruder to the ground, grabbed what eventually turned out to be an imitation weapon and held him down until Garda officers arrived.

James Murphy, co-owner of the Speaker Connolly pub, said he is grateful to the three customers who intervened.

One of the pub’s managers, Jason Doyle, said: “We couldn’t have been more thankful for them.

“Obviously we didn’t know at the time that the gun was imitation. We thought we were in serious trouble. But they showed no fear. And we’ve told them already that they’ll be looked after.

“It just seemed to be the wrong night for your man.”

About a dozen people were still in the bar when the incident occurred.

The manager has said he is planning a suitable celebration and many ordinary members of the public will want to join him in raising a glass to the heroes of the hour.

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