Facebook have added a new feature that is likely to save millions of friendships from ending

So many arguments can now be avoided.

With a little over two billions Facebook users worldwide, Facebook have launched a new ‘Snooze’ function that will undoubtedly alter the future of the majority of your friendships and relationships going forward.

The idea is that we’ve all been in that situation where a friend or family member or workmate or whomever has just had a major event happen to them, be it getting a new pet or getting engaged or having a baby or going on holiday to somewhere particularly picturesque that you’ve always wanted to visit…

Normally those feelings of infuriation, irritation or blinding jealousy would just have to be buried deep down, to sometimes bubble over as a snarky comment that you just couldn’t stop yourself from posting.

Alternatively, you could go the extreme route of unfriending, or there was the muting option, but chances are you’d forget to unmute them once they’d gotten over the newness of having a baby or engagement ring or the sunsets in Bali.

The new ‘Snooze’ button will only hide their posts from your feed for the next 30 days, which should be more than enough time for your anger/jealousy to subside.

Facebook have even posted this handly little video to show you how it works.


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