Here’s how many times Harry and Marv would have died from their injuries in Home Alone

Home Alone is 27 years old this week…

It will forever be one of our favourite Christmas movies, and one thing is for certain, it will probably be on your TV screens at least eight times on various channels over the Christmas period.

You’ll still probably sit down and be captivated as if it was your first time watching the movie, it’s just that good.

A video called, Doctors Diagnose the Injuries in Home Alone, features a group of doctors and nurses giving their professional opinions on why the two burglars in Home Alone would not have survived the many, many injuries they suffered in the movie.

Video via DistractifyYT

Some of the injuries they suffer are superficial, while others are less so, such as a guaranteed fractured sternum when Marv tries to kill the tarantula on Harry’s chest with a crowbar.

The iron to the head is another one that would have caused significant damage, all things considered, Kevin could have killed them.

What a great movie it is though, we love it…

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