First ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Trailer Reveals Premiere Date

The first Jessica Jones Season 2 trailer has arrived, heralding the return of Marvel’s Netflix series. Moreover, while this initial trailer teases footage and a new story arc for Krysten Ritter’s hard-drinking titular character, it also reveals when you’ll be able to watch the new season: it premieres on March 8, 2018. While a Thursday launch date is atypical for Netflix shows, March 8, 2018 is International Women’s Day, so it appears the streaming service made an exception for a very deliberate launch date.

Melissa Rosenberg returns as executive producer and showrunner of Season 2, which finds Jessica attempting to put her life together after murdering David Tennant’s uber creepy Kilgrave. But a new case forces Jessica to dig deeper into her own past, something she’s not entirely psyched to do.

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