This 77-Year-Old Is The ‘Michelangelo Of Microsoft Excel’ And His Portraits Are Stunning


Every artist has his or her own special canvas. Some artists use naked models while others choose unwilling animals.

Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi creates his masterpieces on possibly the most unlikely canvas of all — Microsoft Excel. Yup, the same program that helps people keep track of home expenses and business finances. This illustrator uses it as a drawing tool.

Fifteen years ago, Horiuchi shunned the idea of paying for expensive painting supplies or even a basic drawing program for his computer. So he chose Microsoft Excel. Why not Microsoft Paint? He told Great Big Story that it has “more functions and is easier to use.”

Using simple vector drawing tools developed primarily for graphs and simple shapes, Horiuchi draws panoramic scenes of life in his part of Japan.

GBS visited Horiuchi at his home for an interview and glimpse at how he works.

See more of Horiuchi’s Excel drawings on his website. 

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