Farcical Scenes At Norwich As Paying Fan Asked To Step In As 4th Official

Just when you’ve thought you’d seen it all…

As Norwich City’s Championship clash with Preston North End was in the dying stages, with the score at 1-1, the game was very nearly abandoned after a hamstring injury to one of the linesman.

While the 4th official was on hand to replace the injured linesman, somehow, there was nobody available to replace the 4th official which saw the match referee bring a halt to the game and discuss the options with both sets of players and managers.

But the day was saved by a paying fan, who also happens to be a local football referee. Having made himself available, he was asked to stand in as fourth-official, jeans and all, in a farcical turn of events best described by the bemused BBC reporter at the ground.

Images soon emerged of the game of the local man learning to use the 4th official’s board.

It truly is one of the most bizarre sights on a football pitch in recent memory.

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