German Man Reports ‘Unexploded WWI Bomb’ In Garden That Was Really Just A Vegetable

An 81-year-old man from Bretten, Germany contacted police in a panic last week. He thought he’d stumbled upon a decades-old bomb in his vegetable garden. It turns out the weapon of mass destruction was a huge dud.

According to experts on the scene, it was a zucchini. But an incredibly dangerous looking summer squash. It could have destroyed countless salads or vegetable lasagnas.

The local police posted a photo of the supposed “undetonated WWI device” on their Facebook page.


The AP explains that “WWII-era bombs have been unearthed in Germany before” which have necessitated evacuation. No evacuation was necessary in this case.

Officers admitted that the zucchini really did look like a bomb and that someone probably just threw it over the man’s fence. Good police work, boys.