Ex-Manchester United player Patrice Evra karate kicks his own fans in bad-tempered Europa League match

Former Manchester United player Patrice Evra has been involved in a vicious bust up with his own fans before a European match.

In shocking footage, Marseille players appear to have clashed with their own supports ahead of a Europa match with Vitoria Guimaraes in Portugal.

The video shows the angry full-back run over to the section of supporters before a kick was aimed at fans as they broke barriers to clash with the players.

A close up pcitures shows Evra aim a karate kick at supporters – much like the famous incident with Eric Cantona at Crystal Palace.

Flares were set off with reports that French defender Evra was sent off before the game even began. But as he was one of the substitutes the French side now only have six on the bench.


According to tweets from journalists at the match, Evra had been victim of insults from the Marseille supporters before the flashpoint.

And after the warm up, players went over to the agitated fans.

As supporters and fans spoke, Evra then seemingly ran around the side and launched the karate kick, which appears to just miss the head of one of those involved.

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