Irishman loses his phone doing the world’s highest bungee jump, his reaction is gold

His mood changed from an epic high to an all time low in the space of 5 seconds!

An Irishman ticked another challenge off the Bucket list recently with a 216 metres high bungee jump in South Africa. The bungee is attached to the highest bungee from a bridge in the entire world.

Bungee jumping certainly isn’t for everyone. The thought of throwing yourself more than 200 metres towards a river below takes balls is too much for most people, so we can only imagine the feeling of exhilaration that must come over those brave enough to do it.

However, Martin Farragher from Mayo was brave enough to attempt the jump when he was in South Africa on a trip around the world.

It could easily have been different. When Martin got to the edge, he shouted “Oh, f**k”, and you could have put money on him backing out. However, he followed through and the video was great!

His reaction was the best bit when he discovered his phone was gone. He commented on Facebook “THE PHONE IS GONE AGAIN! Remember that time I lost my phone in Italy and the undercover police got it back and all that jazz… Well, unfortunately, that famous phone is no more. Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson, don’t do a bungee jump with your phone in your pocket. It’s at the bottom of a canyon now in South Africa! Apologies for the bad language!”

Watch the amazing video below:

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