Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller’s new film is now on Netflix, and critics are saying it is Oscar-worthy

“Starring Adam Sandler…” is usually enough to strike fear into the heart of any true movie fan.

Over the years, he’s had a few random great flicks – PunchDrunk Love, The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore – but more often than not, it feels like we’re watching him go on holiday with his famous friends and trying (and failing at being funny).

Right behind him, hearing the words “Starring Ben Stiller…” isn’t much better.

The Night At The Museum Trilogy, Along Came Polly, Zoolander 2, The Heartbreak Kid, The Watch… he’s had more this far share of duds, too.

But as we’ve learned time and time again over the years, anyone is capable of surprising you, and both Sandler AND Stiller star in The Meyerowitz Stories, which debuted on Netflix on Friday 13 October, and immediately became the best reviewed movie on BOTH of their Rotten Tomatoes pages.

In it, Sandler and Stiller play the sons of Dustin Hoffman, attempting to make a life for themselves while also trying to get out from under the shadow of their hugely influential father.

Clip via Zero Media

The movie premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, where it was met with a four minute standing ovation.

Yes, you read that right.

A movie starring Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller got a FOUR MINUTE standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, and now you can watch it immediately on Netflix as of this weekend. And some of the reviews are amazing:

“Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller and a never-better Adam Sandler help make this dramedy one of the unalloyed pleasures of the fall movie season.” – Rolling Stone

“The actors make the most of Baumbach’s lively script. Hoffman shrewdly resists any sentimental gesture that might redeem Harold, Sandler reminds us he can act when he wants to, and Stiller displays his skill at the comedy of exasperation.” – Philadelphia Daily News

“Adam Sandler [has] nailed a few unquestionably great performances-Punch Drunk Love, Funny People-and with Meyerowitz, he adds another, expertly balancing sentimentality and self-loathing.” – The Stranger

“The Meyerowitz Stories is a happy reminder that, when graced with a fine script and director, an actor can be just as surprising as the character he plays.” – Associated Press

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