Watch: Margot Robbie Offers To Tattoo Harrison Ford On Graham Norton

During the filming of Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie developed a rather interesting hobby on set. Harley Quinn may have been fond of wielding a baseball bat, but the Australian actress prefers to use a tattoo gun.

The Graham Norton Show returned last night and Robbie was a guest on the couch along with Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford and Reese Witherspoon. During a chat about tattoos, Gosling revealed his own shoddy ink work that resembled a “chicken making love to a cactus” but things got very interesting when Robbie was presented with a DIY tattoo kit.

After being egged on by Norton, the star of Goodbye Christopher Robin and The Wolf of Wall Street was absolutely fangirling over the prospect of giving Harrison Ford a tattoo.


Take a look to see what happens.

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