Revealed: The Most Miserable And The Most Satisfying Jobs You Can Have

Some take their jobs very seriously and even though they are technically clocked out, they still can’t help but think of all that needs to be done back at the office.

Others glide by every day and once they walk out the door at 5pm or whatever time it may be, work doesn’t cross their mind until they have to return.

A report conducted by the University of Chicago has found that low-paid, manual labour is usually miserable and that if you want a job with a big satisfaction rating, then you shouldn’t rule out joining the priesthood.

The report outlines the twelve most miserable and most satisfying jobs a person can have. Where does yours rank?

The 12 most ‘miserable’ jobs:

  1. Roofers
  2. Waiters/Servers
  3. Labourers (except construction)
  4. Bartenders
  5. Hand packers and packagers
  6. Freight, stock and material handlers
  7. Apparel clothing salespersons
  8. Cashiers
  9. Food preparers
  10. Expediters (suppliers)
  11. Butchers and meat cutters
  12. Furniture/Home furnishing salespersons

The 12 jobs that people don’t consider work at all…

  1. Clergy
  2. Physical therapists
  3. Firefighters
  4. Education administrators
  5. Painters, sculptors, and related artists
  6. Teachers
  7. Authors
  8. Psychologists
  9. Special education teachers
  10. Operating engineers
  11. Office supervisors
  12. Security and financial services salespersons

Of the 27,000 people who were interviewed about their jobs, nearly half (47%) admitted that they were very satisfied with their job while one-third said they were very happy.

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