Watch: Norwegian Police Take No Shit When Fans Chase Cyclists

Cycling fans get closer to their heroes than most.

One of the most common sights during the likes of the Tour de France or the Vuelta is seeing fans running after the leaders of some steep mountain.

While almost always the fans just do it to get on tv, sometimes their motives are a little more sinister. Either way, Norwegian police aren’t in the habit of taking any risks.

The city of Bergen is hosting the World Championships this year, and Wednesday saw the men’s time trial take place. After winning last year’s time-trial, Germany’s Tony Martin was one of the most high-profile cyclists in the world.

When cycling up one of the steeper parts of the course, the local police stepped into action.

That’s what you get for chasing after the defending champion. Will we see the Gendarmerie step in next year on the Tour de France?

Either way the assistance didn’t help Martin. He finished in ninth place,almost a minute and 40 seconds behind winner Tom Dumoulin.

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