Someone Vomited On The Emmy Red Carpet

All right, who did it? Who was the celebrity culprit?

Was it Nicole Kidman? One of the kids from Stranger Things? Oprah? Was Stephen Colbert having the jitters right before the show?

No one knows, and no one, at the time of this writing anyway, is telling—Hollywood is full of secrets after all—but somebody threw up on the red carpet at the 2017 Emmys, and there’s photographic evidence to prove it on Twitter.

Someone’s caterer—or celebrity chef—was hitting the pavement in Beverly Hills today, and as the incriminating tweet of the vomit was helped along by actor Seth Rogen. As the image of the alleged spew made its way around the internet—like norovirus on a cruise ship—social media mavens questioned its provenance. Mostly, however, they made jokes, and a few even went as far to connect the vomit to the appearance of former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, calling his time onstage “gag-inducing.”

We’re not ones to judge. Award season (yes, there is such a window—from about now until March) is known to be intensely stressful for nominees and attendees alike. There are days of preparation before any ceremony, and that time is spent doing everything from dieting and working out to finding and being fitted for the proper dress or suit and making sure your hair and accessories are on point.

Then, the day of the show, you’ve to make sure you get there on time (as anyone knows, LA traffic doesn’t guarantee anything) and when you do, you must sweep red carpet in your perfect ensemble and strike a thousand poses for the screaming paps and fans.

Ok—now we’re wondering how it hasn’t happened before.

While we don’t (yet) know whose nerves got the better of them, one thing’s for sure—it entertained the internet.

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