Liam Gallagher’s son, Lennon, is the most Gallagher-looking Gallagher yet

There seem to be an awful lot of lookalike celebrity offspring taking on the world of fashion these days.

Brooklyn Beckham, 18, is a noted photographer. Kaia, 16, and Presley Gerber, 18 – whose mums is catwalk queen Cindy Crawford – have been both causing a stir at New York and London fashion weeks. Cordell Broadus – son of Snoop Dogg – is 20 and has recently modelled for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana.

And now very much joining that club is Lennon Gallagher, the striking teenager who counts rocker Liam as his dad and actress Patsy Kensit as his mum.

He celebrated his 18th birthday earlier this month and was turning heads at the Burberry show at London Fashion Week on Saturday.

Wearing one of the designer’s iconic trench coats for the occasion, Lennon was the absolute spit of his dad: the very same eyes, heavy eyebrows, and overall demeanour.

Lennon’s parents had a famously turbulent relationship and were only married for three years.

Just 11 months after their April 1997 nuptials, Lisa Moorish gave birth to Liam’s lovechild, Molly. The couple eventually divorced a year after Lennon’s arrival.

Liam went on to marry All Saints singer Nicole Appleton and they also have a son, Gene, who is now 15.

During that marriage, which ended in 2014, Mr Gallagher had a daughter, Gemma, with American journalist, Liza Ghorbani.


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