“No Regrets”: Welsh Man Becomes First Person To Survive Swim Over Hoover Dam Turbines – Gets Arrested

A STAG-DO Brit cheated death as the first person to swim across the US’s Hoo­ver Dam reservoir.

Out on a stag night with the boys, Arron Hughes took a dip in the Colorado River during his visit to the Hoover Dam and miraculously survived – whether his wallet will survive local law enforcement is a different question.
The tipsy Welsh man was slapped with a $330 fine after the hot Nevada temperatures prompted Hughes to take a splash and swim “from Arizona to Nevada”.

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“We got there and it was absolutely roasting,” Hughes told the BBC. “I thought to myself ‘I’m going in for a dip.'”
And just like any good group of friends would do, they cheered their man on during his Michael Phelps-esque moment.

“I literally just turned to the lads, said ‘I’m off’ and they were all cheering me on and I swam across… you go to Vegas to have fun, don’t you? We made The Hangover look tame,” the daredevil told the Daily Post. “It’s a hell of a sight to see the dam from underneath.”


A sight, indeed.

Despite being arrested and handcuffed by Nevada police for “jumping, diving, swimming from dam’s spillways or other structures,” Hughes told the BBC he had “no regrets” because “that’s the type of person [he] is.”

However, the “no regrets” Hughes did confess he was severely exhausted after completing his roughly 30 minute excursion.

“I was sucked towards the wall and had to swim hard,” Hughes told The Sun. “At the other side I was exhausted.”According to the Guardian, Hughes was only able to make it across with his life intact because nine of the dam’s 10 hydroelectric turbines were switched off at the time.


The forklift driver from Ruthin, Denbighshire, told the Daily Post that the Guinness Book of World Records reached out, but without a supervisor being present there wasn’t a way to get his name in the books.

“It almost warranted going back and doing it again,” he said.

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