10 of The Coolest GoT Iron Throne Renditions

Are you suffering Game of Thrones withdrawal like us? Well why not use the year we have to wait to make yourself your very own Iron Throne! We have gathered 10 of the best, from the sublime to the ridiculous to help inspire you.


Pool Noodle Throne
Pool Noodle Throne

If you want to be the king of summer, this pool noodle chair is perfect for you. (Source)


Iron Throne Phone Charger
Iron Throne Phone Charger

The throne was made with 600 tiny plastic swords

A fan of Game of Thrones, Norwegian Martina Langseth Knutsen made this mini Iron Throne phone charger from MDF board and tiny spray-painted plastic swords, after seeing similar Iron Throne phone holder projects online.

Knutsen, who shares her DIY guides on the YouTube channel “Natural Nerd,” said she was “really happy” with the finished result, which took several days to complete, and required 600 tiny plastic swords.



GoT Pedi-cabs
GoT  Pedi-cabs

In 2015, Uber teamed up with HBO to bring Game of Thrones‘s iconic seat straight to New Yorkers so that they could finally get to sit upon it without all of the bloodshed (or politics)—as long they were in Manhattan at the time. (Source)


GoT Themed Birthday Party
GoT Themed Birthday Party

You’re supposed to be treated like royalty on your birthday, but one dad took that sentiment to a whole new regal place. Reddit user wierddad treated his daughter Emma to a Game of Thrones birthday party that rivals just about any episode of the show.

The dedicated dad posted a photo of his daughter with the caption, “My child’s first birthday party. Might have gone overboard.” In the HBO show, birthdays are known as “name days,” hence the birthday sign above his daughter. (Source)


Ikea’s Iron “Throne”
Ikea's Iron 'Throne'

This glorious bathroom arrangement was created by a prolific (and, more likely, very bored) IKEA employee.

In a comment, Reddit user rpmdebslack, who posted the photo, explained the double entendre at play in IKEA’s wording, “Monter sur le trône” literally means “sitting on the throne.” It also means going to the toilet (figuratively). (Source)


Got Wheelchair
Got Wheelchair

While attending MegaCon 2014 in Orlando, Mica Bethea took his cosplay to the next level by outfitting his wheelchair as the Iron Throne. By hiding his lower legs beneath a panel and attaching a pair of boots to his knees, he artificially shortened his legs. A leather jacket and hand-of-the-king pin complete the Tyrion Lannister look. “Star Trek: The Next Generation” actor Wil Wheaton was so taken with the getup that he tweeted a photo of it.

Top notch cosplay, sir. We raise our goblets!


Keyboard’s Iron Throne
Keyboard's Iron Throne

This Throne of Nerds was made by artist Mike DeWolfe who warped together more than 20 different keyboards to create a throne every one of us who stare at a computer for a living should be fighting for.

The keyboard throne is actually for sale—you can grab it from DeWolfe for $500. A small cost to pay considering the war you would have to wage to take it over.


Iron Highchair
Iron Highchair

Another proud GoT fan and parent decided to create this fun Iron throne inspired high chair for Khaleesi. (Source)


Game of Thrones Bean Bag
Game of Thrones Bean Bag

Are you a Game of Throne enthusiast? How about making your own Iron Throne? Just follow the steps presented to you by Isabell Kiko, the creative blogger from Nerd by Night. Made as a fun and comfortable piece of furniture for young people, this bean bag is a creative replica for those of you who feel like a ruler but don’t want to renounce to the perks of sitting comfortably. (Source)

GoT Cushioned Seat
GoT Cushioned Seat

In 2014, The Telegraph teamed up with NOW TV to give away a replica “throne of swords” with its own health-and-safety-approved cushioned seat and ever-so-slightly-spiky backboard. OK, so it’s more of a seat than a throne, which attaches to an office chair or armchair, and it hasn’t been forged out of real iron swords by the breath of a dragon named Balerion the Black Dread, but none of your friends will have one! (Source)

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