Google Has Ranked The Top “How To” Questions We Ask Them.

People use Google search for many things. Looking up baseball stats, movie times, and news articles. But increasingly they’re also asking Google how to do things. (I can attest to this: when my toilet wouldn’t stop running a few months back I queried Google before calling in a professional.)

Google, on Friday, crunched its search data and compiled a global top 10 list of “how to” queries. They are:

1: how to tie a tie
2: how to kiss
3: how to get pregnant
4: how to lose weight
5: how to draw
6: how to make money
7: how to make pancakes
8: how to write a cover letter
9: how to make french toast
10: how to lose belly fat

Oddly, the toilet question didn’t crack the worldwide list, although a related Google blog post notes that “how to fix a toilet” is a top question in the U.S. and Canada, while fixing washing machines seems to be a bigger concern for people in Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

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