Manage WhatsApp Easier with Pinned Chats

WhatsApp is the world’s second most popular messaging serviceand is used by over 1 billion people. Now you’re not going to be messaging all of them but chances are you’ll currently have a LOT of active chats on your WhatsApp. With this in mind, WhatsApp have introduced a new feature that allows you to pin your most important chats so that they’re easier to find.

How to Pin a Chat on WhatsApp

Fortunately, the process isn’t too complicated but we’ll walk you through it to make your life as easy as possible.

1. Find the chat that you want to pin to the top of your WhatsApp

Select chat to pin

2. Long press the message to highlight it

3. At the top of the screen you’ll see a new pin logo. Press it.

Pin Icon

4. The message is now pinned to the top of your chats tab (It’ll now have the pin icon to show it is pinned)


It is worth noting here that whenever you pin a message it will go to the top of the chats tab. This means that any messages you pinned before it will be pushed down below it. If you want a particular message to remain at the top of your chats tab you’ll have to re-pin it every time you pin another message.

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