A Beer, Chicken And Doughnut Pop-Up Opening In Auckland!!

Say fuck you to your diet! Auckland is getting a beer, chicken and doughnut pop-up shop! Fuck yes! (It’s worth dropping the F-bomb for this).

Judge Bao is teaminng up with Pie Piper, the guys behind Doornuts, and are opening the pop-up at The Pie Piper’s HQ on K’ Road.

Beer comes via neighbour, Lovebucket, to help wash down all that fried chicken, and don’t worry vegetarians there’s “chicken fried tofu” on offer.


We can’t wait for this collab of Chinese and American foods, I’m fucking starving already (that’s the 3rd bomb)!

The Judge Bao and The Pie Piper BCD pop-up will be open from September 8-10 and 15-17. For more information, visit the Facebook page.


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