WATCH: Malignaggi confronts McGregor

The saga of Conor McGregor and aged former sparring partner and current boxing commentator Paulie Malignaggi has another thrilling chapter: the two saying some things to one another, along with McGregor being so bold as to put a hand on Malignaggi’s shoulder, in what was assuredly a completely organic interaction.

UFC President Dana White released footage last week of McGregor knocking down Malignaggi, presumably in an attempt to distract everyone from earlier video of McGregor losing to a heavy bag in a public workout. McGregor cheerfully confirmed that he had indeed “whupped” Malignaggi’s ass. That all led up to this totally unstaged confrontation between the two at today’s media day for McGregor’s upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather. It mostly consists of Malignaggi asking McGregor if he brought his balls:

An alternate angle, including what would appear to be the closest that the two got to any sort of physical interaction—McGregor touching Malignaggi on the shoulder—is here:

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