This Company Wants You To Rub Their Products On Your Balls?

You know how the saying goes, look after your balls and they will look after you.

This is the newest beauty trend that has men treating their wobbly bits like royalty with a lotion that makes them feel fresher in the private area.

Below The Belt Grooming For Men has done something that no man ever asked them to do and have brought out some antiperspirant for your balls.

It’s called Fresh and Dry Balls and it basically does what it says on the tin by keeping your nuts clean and smelling good for sex, work and everyday life.

 Below the belt - Full range

In the about us section on their website, the company says: “This does exactly what it says on the tube – it keeps you fresh and dry which, if you think about it, is no small task.

“Use it exactly when you would a normal antiperspirant – apply it below the belt every day and then forget about it, knowing that you are ready for anything, whether it be a long haul flight or a day stuck in the office.”

It comes in four different flavours (fragrance-free, active, fresh and cool) and promises to keep your ball B.O. at bay for up to eight hours.

There is also the Instant Clean Balls spray which gives your manhood the quick spruce up it needs when a shower is not on the cards.

“Let’s face it, we men have always been badly designed downstairs and now life is now even faster, whether commuting, cycling, going to the gym or just generally running around,” said the makers before stating that this is the product designed to make life for modern men more comfortable.

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