Conor McGregor Makes Bold Prediction For Mayweather Fight On Conan O’Brien Show

As per usual before his fights, Conor McGregor turned up on Conan O’Brien’s talk show on Wednesday night to discuss his fight with Floyd Mayweather, now just nine days away.

O’Brien being a part owner of the UFC is one of the reasons the Dubliner regularly appears on the TBS programme.

Two years ago, on O’Brien’s show, was one of the first times McGregor broached the subject of possibly stepping into the ring with the unbeaten boxer. Back then, McGregor asked, ‘Who would not like to dance around the ring for $180 million?’

Come a week on Saturday, McGregor said dancing will not feature but he will finish the fight within four rounds.

There will be no dancing in there, Conan. I will go straight forward and put him away inside four rounds.

Mayweather has said he will be the aggressor in the bout. That would be the antithesis of how he has fought throughout a pro boxing career which has endured for more than 20 years.

He saying he’s going to come towards me. I’m saying I’ll go towards him. We’re going to find out pretty early who is telling the truth. So we’ll see who takes a back step first. I am excited for the contest. I will go forward for him and put him away.

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