Where Does Auckland Rank In The List Of The World’s Most Expensive Cities To Buy A Pint?

Let us be honest here, one of the highest things on our priorities list when we get to a new city, is just how much a pint is going to cost us there.

For anyone who thought it might be fun to wander into Temple Bar and get the heart-stopping shock of how much a pint costs in there, then we’ve got some good news and some bad news for you.

According to this list published by Deutsche Bank, Auckland ranks joint 10th most expensive on their list when it comes to buying a pint in a “neighbourhood bar”. This is a massive jump from 19th last year, and puts us ahead of historically expensive cities such as London, San Francisco and Helsinki.

As for Wellington, it places 18th, an increase of 2 places on last year.

Cost of beer around the world

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