Perverts are now sending dick pics to strangers on public transport

If you’re an iPhone user who has AirDrop sharing enabled, the next time you get a share request from an unknown phone, be aware that if you accept, you could be looking at a picture of some guy’s dick.

It’s an easy way for odd fellas to get away with harassing women, as the picture is pretty much untraceable, unless you have a talent of matching dicks to faces – and if so, maybe there’s a job for you out there! The sender only has to be within about 330 feet of you and your phone to send the picture via Bluetooth. Men sending along photos of their nasty bits to strangers isn’t anything new, but it’s been in the news again lately. Same pervs, different year, new victims.

To avoid this grisly fate, you can set your sharing to “Contacts Only,” or disable the feature altogether.

Where it says AirDrop receiving (providing you even have it turned on) click the button and you will be given the option to receive content from no one, your contacts or everyone, and then click on the desired option.

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