This Is The Loudest Sound System In The World! It Will Kill You If You Hear It.

Having the loudest soundsystem around is how all great showmen have built their reputations: from the early dub reggae shows and pirate raves in the nineties, to those speakers with the sound that make you shit yourself. The ability to blast out the loudest sound is one of the best illustrations of how much power your music can hold, and now there’s an unlikely contender for the loudest sound system in the world.


The Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF) in the Netherlands has inadvertently become home to the most lethal sound system ever. They don’t strictly use it for music, instead blasting powerful, spectral noise to test if a rocket can withstand the sheer force of a takeoff. Basically if you ever got too close to this thing while on full power, it would melt your face off and boil your organs. Really.

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