Netflix Are Releasing A Series About A Prolific Penis Graffiti Artist

Weirdly, men really find it funny to draw penises. Any shape, any size, anywhere, if there’s an opportunity to draw a dick, a dick will be drawn.

The amount of books, walls and tables that were strewn in phallic pictures at school is pretty incredible, and something that doesn’t really translate over to women, who very rarely find themselves vandalising property with sketches of vaginas.

And now, because it’s such an important staple in society, someone’s made a Netflix eight-part documentary about a prolific penis pillager.

The true-crime satire series has been inspired by the success of shows like Making a Murderer, but aims to shed a light on the not so mainstream crimes that plight the world.

Watch the incredible trailer here…

The series’ synopsis says: “From co-creators Tony Yacenda (Pillow Talking) and Dan Perrault (Honest Trailers), and showrunner Dan Lagana (Zach Stone is Gonna be Famous), American Vandal is a half-hour true-crime satire that explores the aftermath of a costly high school prank that left twenty-seven faculty cars vandalized with phallic images.

“Over the course of the eight-episode season, an aspiring sophomore documentarian investigates the controversial and potentially unjust expulsion of troubled senior (and known dick-drawer) Dylan Maxwell.

“Not unlike its now iconic true-crime predecessors, the addictive American Vandal will leave one question on everyone’s minds until the very end: Who drew the dicks?”

Credit: Netflix/American Vandal

Credit: Netflix/American Vandal

It’s weird, because even though we’re male, and we have our own penis, for some reason we’re quite interested in drawing and seeing other blokes’ wangs.

It’s basically because we all have one.

Seeing another man’s penis is basically a way of checking everything is normal. They’re all meant to be near enough the same, so if you see someone else’s and think ‘oh, ours are pretty similar’, it’s a sigh of relief. If you’re asking ‘hmmm, does yours not have a right angle midway down the shaft?’, then it’s a bad sign.

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