10 Of The Best Fantasy Football Sites To Help You Win

Bookmark these Fantasy Premier League resources to ensure that you manage your time effectively

Now that the dust has settled on another FPL season it is a time for reflection before getting down to the nitty-gritty of preparing for another campaign.

However, despite the fact that a Fantasy Premier League manager’s armoury is made up of some key elements, it is far too easy to get side-tracked at any point during the season, so the role of time management should never be under-estimated.

Having the right resources at your disposal is critical to your chances of success so we have put together a list of some of the most valuable that are currently available to aspiring managers.

(1) FPL fixture checker

With the 2017/18 English Premier League fixtures already having been announced, there is no better place to start than with than those game difficulty checkers. If you’re familiar with Fantasy Football Portal, you will know that we produce accurate goal projections based on bookmakers odds for each upcoming game round, however, if you are looking to plan a few rounds ahead then Fantasy Football 247 provide a useful visual which ‘colour codes’ fixtures for each team on a perceived game difficulty basis for all gameweeks.

This tool can be extremely helpful when you are planning to use those ‘chips’ and is one of a number of handy features available at a fantasy football blog that has stood the test of time.

(2) The injury guru

Staying bang up-to-date with all the latest team news is absolutely vital if you are to have any chance of being successful, so fantasy football managers are privileged to have Ben Dinnery at their disposal.

All the latest injuries and suspensions can be found on his Premier Injuries website, while his twitter account and willingness to respond to as many queries as he possibly can is an absolute godsend. If you use twitter, make sure you follow his timeline.

(3) The fantasy football news aggregator

While there are a number of emerging news aggregators that focus exclusively on FPL, NewsNowremains the daddy of them all. NewsNow have set their stall out on being the world’s most accurate and comprehensive football news aggregator and it is difficult to argue with that assessment.

Many of the leading FPL blogs are featured, making it an easy reference point from which to access all the latest gameweek tips and pointers. Accessing other football stories is straightforward as well, with a number of filters available.

(4) Team and player stats

The WhoScored database covers all the major leagues, making it one of the most valuable resources available to fantasy football managers today.

Comprehensive player stats and detailed match reports provide a wealth of information and their playing formations overview should enable the astute fantasy manager to unearth a gem or two during the course of the season.

(5) Fantasy football discussion board

FPL managers often need a place to let off steam or to vent their frustration with like-minded individuals and Reddit’s FPL section provides such a place. With over 31,000 subscribed members this subreddit is usually bang up to date with all of the breaking news and although you may need to separate the wheat from the chaff, some of the contributions are top class.

(6) FPL feedback

Learning from past mistakes can be a valuable lesson in any pursuit and that certainly applies to Fantasy Premier League.

If you participated in last season’s FPL, you might want to take advantage of this brilliant feedback tool. Simply enter your team ID then you will get some great data on how your players performed throughout the course of the season.

Use it to benchmark your progress by identifying any mistakes you may have made.

(7) Scouting reports

If you’re looking for in-depth reports of potential picks for the new season then Fantasy Football Scoutcould be the place for you. This site has been around for a considerable time and their team of writers generally leave no stone unturned when it comes to assessing possible transfer targets.

Additional content is available in their members section but their freemium content should be sufficient to keep most visitors entertained.

(8) FPL transfers

Improving the value of your squad is a useful tactic FPL managers should not ignore, since a bigger budget will give your more options when you are making those weekly transfers.

FPL Statistics monitors the movers and shakers on a daily basis and if you’re one of those managers that participates in different formats of the game such as the ‘FPL Rich List’ then this price change predictor could be priceless!

(9) Fantasy forum

The increasing popularity of social media has certainly had an adverse effect on the amount of engagement that takes place at the leading forums but there are a few diehards that continue to frequent the likes of FISO, so it might be worth looking in from time to time to see what is being discussed.

(10) Fantasy bonus points

And finally the Fantasy Premier League site should not be under-estimated. Chasing bonus points is an imperative part of your FPL strategy, so make sure you make the best possible use of all the statistics that can be found at the official site.

Good luck in 2017/18 and if we’ve missed any resources that you think deserve a place on this list, make sure you let us know!

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