These are the sex positions most likely to land you in hospital

Is it worth the risk?

Experts are warning couples to take it easy in the bedroom after an increased amount of injuries are being reported each year.

Last year 18 men went to hospital in the UK because they had fractured their penis.

Fractures of the penis, or penile fractures, happen when tissue in the penis tears after it bends the wrong way or suffers an unexpected force.

So, what positions are likely to cause this?

According to The Sun, researchers in Brazil established that doggy style is the most likely position to inflict this injury on a penis.

Next on the list is missionary position, followed by masturbation and reverse cowgirl.

Interestingly, men in their 20s and 30s are more likely to suffer from a penile fracture.

Now… who exactly is getting masturbation so wrong that it is landing them in hospital?

Even the safest form of sexual gratification (technically speaking) is the third-most likely way to break your dong?

Is NOTHING safe anymore? Actually, don’t answer that, we don’t want to know…

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