This Map Shows the Most Peaceful and Safest Countries in the World

It’s a pretty scary world at the moment, so it’s only natural we start thinking about our safety a little bit more – especially in alien places we’ve never ventured out into before. To help you choose where and where not to go, the guys and gals at Visions of Humanity created the Global Peace Index 2016.

By popping all the data into a handy little interactive map, the very pretty, very colourful cartographic wonder lets you see the safest nations in the world, ranked.

How’s it all done, we hear you scream. In a nutshell, the 163 sovereign nations that feature on the Global Peace Index are ranked according to ’23 qualitative and quantitative indicators.’

These indicators include levels of terrorism threat, perception of criminality, and political instability. Each gets a cumulative score which is then added into a ‘States of Peace’ array, which ranges from very low to very high in safety.

So how does New Zealand rank? We are considered the 2nd most peaceful place in the world, 14 places ahead of our friends across the ditch. The top ten for peaceful/ least peaceful is below.

To see the full interactive map, check out their website.

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