Watch All of the Trailers Released at San Diego Comic-Con So Far

Christmas comes in July for the pop-culture geeks of the world, and this year’s Comic-Con didn’t disappoint with a slew of new trailers. Think ’90s-cartoon reboots, superheroes with weaponized hair, and horror mayhem. Below are all the major trailers that have premiered at Comic-Con so far.



Will Smith and Joel Edgerton star in this new buddy-cop film about an LAPD officer and an orc (yes, an orc), fending off human and otherworldly bad guys alike. You can watch them do their thing — clubbing fairies and all — on Netflix on December 22.


The trailer for Marvel’s newest rollout shows the Inhuman Royal Family as they flee a coup against their king Black Bolt led by his brother Maximus and find refuge in Hawaii. Watch Medusa strangle Maximus in another example of female badasses taking over the superhero genre. The first two episodes of Inhumans will be released in IMAX theaters on September 1, before premiering on ABC September 29.

American Horror Story: Cult


The hotly anticipated new season of Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology is supposedly inspired by the 2016 election. A lone blue clown among a horde of red ones … is that a metaphor? The trailer is cryptic, but promises lots of culty clown fun. American Horror Story returns to FX September 5.


The Saw franchise returns from the dead with the new trailer for Jigsaw, which features a lot of screaming and ominous quotes like “help” and “that’s not creepy at all.” Spend your Halloween with the infamous serial killer, who comes to haunt theaters October 27.

The Walking Dead Season 8


Things get violent in the new trailer for The Walking Dead’s latest season. Watch through the carnage to catch a cut to the future, featuring a much-older Rick with a big ol’ beard. Why? Only time will tell. The Walking Dead returns October 22.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

In another edition of Here Comes the Sequel, 2013’s robot action flick gets the treatment with Pacific Rim: Uprising. The trailer (or … advertisement?) invites you to “join the Jaeger uprising.” If you so decide, it’s in theaters February 23, 2018.

Game of Thrones


The latest Game of Thrones’ Season 7 trailer welcomes back Melisandre who, through her powerful magical insight, knows Daenerys has an important role to play “as does another.” If you’re a fan, you might have foretold the exact same thing.

The Gifted

The new trailer for Fox’s upcoming drama introduces The Gifted universe’s mutants, identifying their monikers and extraordinary abilities. Except for the show’s lead siblings Lauren and Andy Strucker, who are so new to the mutant game, they don’t even have cool nicknames yet. The show premieres on Monday, October 2.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

That surprisingly charming little 2014 action flick gets a sequel, this time with bonus Channing Tatum and a lasso. This is the red band trailer: super violent (not gory, but potentially NSFW), and super fun.

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