A reckoning is coming in new trailer for Fear the Walking Dead’s return

After meandering a bit during its early run, Fear the Walking Dead has been telling one heck of a good story in Season 3 — and here’s our first look at where it’s heading next.

AMC dropped an extended trailer for Season 3B at San Diego Comic-Con, showing an unsteady peace between the two groups that have been butting heads all season. There’s also a brewing water war, and twisting alliances among the Clark family’s new compatriots. Oh, and there’s also a whole lot of action, which is an area this show has struggled with at times.

At least judging by the footage here, that shouldn’t be a problem when Season 3 returns. Yeah, we’re pumped for “All Out War” on the flagship series, but this looks pretty darn compelling in its own right.

Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday, September 10 on AMC.

Check out the traielr below and let us know what you think:

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