Australian Sets Freakishly Fast Rubik’s Cube Records At World Championship

Feliks Zemdegs of Australia turned in some head-spinning times at the Rubik’s Cube world championship in Paris last weekend.

While he did not win the the crown for the classic 3x3x3, Zemdegs did set several world records on more elaborate cubes.

Among his highlights, he clocked a world-best 1 minute, 20.03 seconds for the 6x6x6.

And 2 minutes, 6.73 seconds for the 7x7x7.

As for the traditional 3x3x3, Patrick Ponce had the fastest time for a single attempt at 5.477 seconds (Zemdegs already holds the single-attempt record of 4.73 seconds), but Max Park won the event on an average time of 6.85 seconds.

Those of you inspired to dust off your classic Rubik’s Cube might as well shoot for the very best, so here’s Zemdegs’ 3x3x3 record.

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