Man gets stuck in ATM and uses receipt slot to issue note begging for help

How does this even happen?

So many questions for this one we don’t even know where to start. This unfortunate fellow in Texas got trapped behind a bank automatic teller machine.

Rather than panic, he wrote a note which read: “Please help, I’m stuck here and I don’t have a phone please call at 210,” and the rest of the phone number has been scribbled out since for obvious reasons.

According to CNET, a repairman was working in the tiny room behind the machine when he got locked in and he had left all his belongings in his truck.

Luckily for him, he had a pen and a piece of paper at the ready and began slipping customers the note which can be seen above.

Some people thought the message was a joke but eventually, someone called the police to tell them about the strange notes that were coming out of the ATM.

The police too, thought it was some sort of joke but when they eventually kicked down the door (which had a faulty lock and was the reason the repairman was there in the first place), they got the man to safety.

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