How Much Injuries And Suspensions Cost English Clubs, and Tennis Balls Wimbledon

If you find yourself asking how much do injuries cost English clubs, then we have some good news.

Often, football fans will bemoan the cost of injuries: how might the 1998 World Cup have turned out without the Ronaldo mystery? Would Liverpool have won a Premier League title had Fernando Torres played a bit more often in 2008/09? What more might Arsenal have achieved with a fully fit Robin Van Persie for all of his eight years at the club? These ‘costs’ are intangible; measured only in supposedly lost medals, and disappointment.

Some fine work by, however, has put a definitive price of injuries. They have worked out what each Premier League club paid on injuries and suspensions in the 2015/16 season. It does not make pretty reading for the Manchester clubs, who forked out over £30,000,000 paying injured players during that season.

The clubs greatest burdens were Vincent Kompany and Radamel Falcao. Kompany cost City £3,240,000 in his 27 weeks out of action. Remarkably, Radamel Falcao cost United £5,035,000.

Arsenal were third on the list (£14,720,000) and Liverpool fourth (£9,115,000), with Swansea bottom, on £204,000. Perhaps instructive of why they won the title, Leicester were third from bottom, spending just £450,000.

Elsewhere, Chelsea spent the most on suspensions: (£1,894,000) with Liverpool second, spending £1,180,000. Man City and Swansea both didn’t pay a cent in suspension costs.

The same study, by the way, found some serious waste in other sports: the NFL paid $5,444,872.17 to suspended players in 2015, the MLB spend £631,800 a year on baseballs, and Wimbledon’s selling of used tennis balls to customers at a discounted rate costs them £379,000 a year.


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