Hidden camera catches naked man tripping on acid thinking he’s a tiger

Somebody got inspired by Planet Earth 2, set up a camera in the forest and was banking on catching some wild animal footage.

In many ways that’s exactly what they captured, just not quite the wild animals they were probably envisioning.

Instead, they got a bunch of priceless shots of a naked man who believed he was a tiger after taking LSD.

The man identified as Marek. H from the Czech Republic reportedly took the drug to try and treat his depression…

Now he’s been thrust into viral internet fame for stripping naked and behaving like a tiger.


The guys who set up the camera handed the snaps to the police who then hunted Marek H down.

He admitted to police to taking the drug. During their interrogation, he also admitted that after taking the acid “his true personality woke up” and he realised he had always connected with the tiger.

He also added that he picked up a scent while tripping and felt compelled to chase it.


In eight hours Marek is believed to have travelled around 25km along the Czech-Polish border.

Fortunately, the dude didn’t have any drugs on him.. Didn’t look like he had anywhere to put them, so he’s only facing a fine and we hope the dudes feeling less depressed after the eye-opening experience.

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