Walking Dead’s Negan Can’t Kill Hope on Dave Chappelle SNL Sketch

On a night of comedy that included moments of fear, dread, and sadness, the message of hope emerged victorious on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. And it came from Tyrone Biggums’ disembodied head.

SNL host Dave Chappelle brought back some of his most famous characters from Chappelle’s Show for a digital short that parodied the Negan scene from The Walking Dead. Characters like Chuck Taylor, Donnell Rawlings, Silky Johnson, Clayton Bigsby, and Lil Jon all made an appearance. But Tyrone Biggums, the cuddly crack addict, was the one who got the Barbed Bat of Death to the face.

Death wasn’t enough to stop Biggums, whose disembodied head went into a lovely speech about the power of comedy, laughter, and empathy, calling for people to celebrate each other in light of these difficult times. Of course, that was before he ran off for a surgeon before losing his healthcare. Let’s hope the Whisperers aren’t his assigned medical professionals.

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