Its Not Just Trump – 10 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future

Donald Trump has won the election to become President of the United States – but animated series The Simpsons told us he would SIXTEEN YEARS AGO.

The popular show predicted the tycoon would become leader of the free world in 2000.

And it is not the first instance of The Simpsons predicting the future.

In fact, scores of their crazy plots have come to fruition over the years.

To mark Trump’s victory, we have compiled a dozen of them below.

Trump becomes President

Donald Trump has won the election to become President of the United States – but animated series The Simpsons told us he would 16 years ago.

The bizarre premise was outlined in an episode, entitled Bart To The Future, broadcast in early 2000.

The show also mocked Trump in an episode last year after he announced he was running for president.

In the 2000 episode predicting the Trump administration, Lisa is pictured sitting in the Oval Office surrounded by advisers.

In March, writer Dan Greaney told The Hollywood Reporter: “It was a warning to America.”

Donald Trump has won the election to become President of the United States – but animated series The Simpsons told us he would 16 years ago.

He also told the New York Daily News this year: “The Donald Trump that we were writing about was kind of a lovable, over-the-top character and didn’t have this darkness.

“There’s nothing in the episode about walls or rounding up Mexicans or Islamophobia.

“You would expect that he’d build giant monuments to himself, but you wouldn’t expect that the first thing would be a wall.”

Last month, the creator of the show, Matt Groening, told The Guardian: “We predicted that he would be president back in 2000 – but (Trump) was of course the most absurd placeholder joke name that we could think of at the time, and that’s still true.

“It’s beyond satire.”


In August 2014, The Ministry of Health in DR Congo notifies the World Health Organization of an Ebola outbreak in the country.

The fatality rate of Ebola is 48 per cent – and two years ago, British government guidelines were issued in a bid to tackle the spread of the deadly virus, with health screenings implemented in airports across the land.

In an episode first aired in 1997, young Bart is in bed suffering from a fever when Marge suggests he reads a book called Curious George and the Ebola Virus.

Ebola first emerged in 1976 in Sudan and DR Congo and has since killed an estimated 2,000 people.

Previous outbreaks have had mortality rates as high as 90 per cent, though the chance of dying from the most recent strand appears to be at around 60 per cent, according to health experts.

The disease is known formally as Ebola haemorrhagic fever and gets its name from a Yambuku river.

The Simpsons centred the plot of one episode around rigged voting machines.

The machines counted votes for the Republican party even when Springfield citizens chose Barack Obama.

And the plot seemed eerily similar to complaints post-2012 election, when several Democrat supports complained about the exact same problem.

Horse meat scandal

Earlier this decade, the Government launched a wide-ranging review into the horsemeat scandal to restore consumer confidence in the food they buy.

The move came after a series of revelations that beef products sold in supermarkets and served in schools and hospitals contained horsemeat.

The scandal first began to unfold when it emerged that frozen burgers supplied to several supermarkets including Tesco contained horse DNA.

Investigations revealed other beef products sold by retailers including lasagne and spaghetti bolognese were contaminated while meals in schools and hospitals had to be withdrawn after it was found they contained horse meat.

And, in a 1994 episode of The Simpsons, Springfield Elementary school uses the controversial and secret ingredient in its cafeteria dinners.


Mutant tomatoes

A 1999 episode saw Marge discover that their tomato plants have been mutated due to radiation.

Who knew nature would have adverse reactions to nuclear power plants?

This exact event played out in Japan in 2011, when tomatoes (among other produce) were majorly deformed due to exposure to radiation.

Stealing a lemon tree

A 1995 Simpsons episode – named Lemon of Troy – saw the children of Springfield wage war against their Shelbyville rivals.

Why? Well, because the latter had stolen a treasured lemon tree belonging to the town, of course.

And it turns out this event actually happened in 2013 in Houston, Texas.

But would anyone bother to steal a lemon tree in real life? Apparently, the answer is yes.

The owner of the tree told local news channel KHOU: “I hope you find yourself stricken with dysentery on a long drive in the middle of nowhere.

“If you needed my lemons so bad, I hope they serve you well.”

A three-eyed fish

Bart caught Blinky, a three-eyed fish, in the pond fed by Monty Burn’s nuclear power plant in a 1990s episode.

In 2011, a three-eyed fish was pulled from a reservoir in Argentina.


When the Rolling Stones toured, despite being in their seventies

Lisa is given a glimpse into the future in the 1995 episode Lisa’s Wedding.

And – among many jokes – one of the episode’s gags was a poster advertising the “Rolling Stones Steel Wheelchair Tour 2010”.

The iconic rock quartet, of course, are still going strong – despite three members being in their 70s, and one in the late-60s.

The Nobel prize

Bengt Holmstrom of MIT and Oliver Hart of Harvard were announced as the joint winners of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics earlier this year – and the Simpsons predicted it.

Bart’s long-trusted ally Milhouse predicted the win (his pick is to the right of Martin’s circled red pick) in the 2010 season premiere.

Who’d have thought?

The iPod

Take a close look at the intercom at the gate to this Burlesque house.

It looks like one thing – and one thing only.

Similarly, The Simpsons have a habit of predicting forthcoming Apple products – including talking phones, video chat and a whole wave of other features.

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