Jamie Redknapp Reveals Emmanuel Eboue Is Trying To Convert Him To Christianity

In what has to go down as one of the most bizarre footballer stories we’ve ever seen on TV, Jamie Redknapp had his fellow stars of ‘A League Of Their Own’ in stitches with a ridiculous story about Emmanuel Eboue.

Remarkably, despite the Ivorian not knowing Redknapp personally at all, Eboue texts Jamie Redknapp every day trying to convert him to Christianity.

Apparently their children play football together, so Eboue took it upon himself to try and save Redknapp by turning him to Jesus, but the former Liverpool and Spurs midfielder had to hold back tears of laughter while telling James Corden and Jack Whitehall on Thursday night’s episode of the popular, albeit divisive show.


Of all the random footballer stories, that really does have to be up there. Whatever you think about Redknapp the pundit, he’s usually good for a laugh or two on the show.

[via The Mirror.co.uk]

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