Man on LSD and cough medicine rescues dog from imaginary fire

Police in the US say a man who claims to have taken LSD and cough medicine drove his car into his next door neighbour’s house to rescue their dog from an imaginary fire.

New York State Troopers say they found Michael Orchard (43) standing heroically with a dog in his arms after he allegedly drove his vehicle through the neighbour’s fence, kicked the door down and snatched the pet.

Trooper Mark Ceipel said: “Troopers found an individual standing in the middle of the roadway with a large white dog. He believed that the residence was on fire. And he was rescuing the dog. ”

Ceipel said Orchard was very cooperative. He was arrested and taken to the Saratoga County Jail. He faces charges including burglary.

“At no time did he enter the roadway and no drugs were found in his possession,” said Ceipel.

Michael Orchard (43) is in court on October 28
Michael Orchard (43) is in court on October 28

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