Some Irish Lads Looked For A Replacement “Stag” Online – And Found One

A group of 24 guys from Roscommon in Ireland are set to go to Krakow, Poland this Friday on a stag do, but there’s just one problem – the stag himself has suddenly become unavailable.

And why is the stag not able to go to the party?

Unfortunately the stag had an accident with stairs broken ribs punctured lung bla bla bla

Eh, ominous.

The groom had taken a tumble down the stairs recently and was unable to make it. So they placed an Ad on “DoneDeal”, an Irish version of Trade Me, looking for a fit, healthy lad who’s “able to answer to Eamo” in Krakow to fill in.

And this morning the groom revealed on The Anton Savage Show on Today FM that they were successful in their quest

They have drafted in Eamon Melia  at short notice – and him and the original stag Brian ‘Eamo’ Larkin joined Anton on the show this morning.

Groom Brian explained the situation:

I thought I would be OK for the stag, but unfortunately the doctor told me I can’t fly for six weeks – so I put it up on the Whatsapp group yesterday that I couldn’t go and Mike Leech, my groomsman, thought it would be a bit of craic to put up the ad looking for a replacement Eamo.

All the replacement needed to do was pay the €100 name change fee on the flight.

They then got a call last night from Eamon Melia from Laois, who was willing and able to take on the weekend as substitute groom

A pint of Guinness at a bar in Dublin airport

Anton quickly asked the question that was on all of our minds – why is Brian Larkin called… Eamo?

My close friends call me Eamo, it’s a nickname from years ago… it’s a long story.

Very mysterious.

Eamon Melia then came on the line, and he explained how he got himself into this interesting situation:

I seen it there last night, I was sitting around with a few friends just flicking through Faceboook and I seen it shared on DoneDeal. We were laughing about it thinking that would be hilarious so I said I’d actually ring the number on it and see if it was a piss take or not.

He soon discovered that it was a very real prospect indeed

Attérissage d'un avion de Ryanair à Dublin

And he hardly has time to pack:

So I rang it up and got through to Brian and he put me through to the best man and things started moving very quickly and now you know it I’m on a flight tomorrow with all the boys.
I’ll be meeting 24 lads tomorrow morning in Dublin Airport that I’ve never met before in my life. Have a few pints and head to Krakow with them.

Brian explains that Eamon will have his hands full being the stag with that big a crowd – but the lads are “absolute headers” and he’ll have a great time

Kraków, PolandKrakow-bound.Source: SHeva4ever1

They return on the Sunday night to Roscommon – where the lads have generously arranged a room for Eamon so he can have an actual night out with the groom himself.

There has apparently been a wave of guys looking to pay the €100 to get the flight details changed. But Eamon has been the “best craic” out of all of them – with best man Michael telling that he’s become a “fully fledged member of our WhatsApp group.”

What a weekend he has in store.


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