Rebellions are built on hope in the latest trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

A new trailer for Disney’s standalone Star Wars film Rogue One has hit the web, and it shows off a glimpse of Jyn Erso’s past, the origins of the Rogue call sign, and some intense battle scenes. You can watch the first trailer here.

There are some intriguing clues here: it opens with Imperial forces advancing on a farm, while Galen Erso comforts his young daughter, telling her that he’s doing “it to protect her,” before an adult Jyn wakes up in a prison cell. The trailer also shows off Alliance forces breaking her out, while Director Orson Krennic talks about the power that the battle station gives the Empire.

Rogue One is set before Star Wars: A New Hope, and follows an unlikely team of heroes who are tasked with stealing the plans of the Empire’s new weapon, the Death Star.

Disney has been careful to downplay its expectations for Rogue One. It’s the first major film set outside of the traditional saga, and has been characterised as “an experiment” by the company’s CEO, Bob Iger. Another standalone film about Han Solo starring Alden Ehrenreich is set to arrive in 2018, while a third was recently announced for 2020.

Gareth Edwards announced the trailer yesterday on The Star Wars Show, where he also unveiled the official theatrical poster for the film. The poster shows off the main cast of characters set against the Imperial forces on the planet Scarif.

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