17 Vintage Gun Ads That Probably Weren’t The Best Ideas

The following vintage ads are shining examples of this, because they perfectly demonstrate how not to sell firearms.

1. So basically, you should try everything possible to set off your gun.

2. Wait a second — are you saying that wives are dangerous if they aren’tarmed?

3. I’m totally reassured that “Papa says it won’t hurt us.” NOT.

4. Because shooting in the house is such a great idea.

5. You can’t expect to get a girlfriend if you don’t have a gun.

6. Well, that escalated quickly.

7. If I ever have a son, I’ll definitely know how to “start him right!”

8. Add one air rifle and shake for instant manliness.

9. I always bring one on my vacations for this exact reason.

10. And it’s a gun?

11. Well, I guess it’s him, because he’s the one holding it.

12. I’m already having a blast just looking at this.

13. Nothing will bring your family closer than a bunch of Daisy rifles.

14. That’s a great way to accidentally shoot your husband.

15. What are you trying to do, make everyone afraid of Santa?

16. What could possibly go wrong?

17. Everyone knows that guns are the only way you can settle an argument.

(via The Huffington Post / BuzzFeed)

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