Marvel releases clip explaining what Thor was doing during Civil War

Alongside the new Doctor Strange trailer and Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2teaser shown during Marvel’s Comic-Con panel in July was a quick featurette explaining what Thor was up to while Captain American and Iron Man were beating the snot out of each other in Civil War. Presumably directed by Thor: Ragnarok’s Taika Waititi, the short is a mockumentary-style tour of Thor’s attempts to see what life is like for mortals. Apparently, since the last Avengersmovie, the newly single Thor has moved in with a guy named Darryl in Australia, and he’s very annoyed that neither Steve Rogers or Tony Stark seem to want him on their Civil War team.

The whole thing is simply delightful, and it has a lot of fun with the larger mythology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe—for example, Thor has a big board where he’s sketching out his theories for what the Infinity Stones are, and it involves the mysterious “purple man in the floating chair” who “doesn’t like standing up.” There’s also some indication of just how much Thor cares about Mjolnir (a lot) and a cameo from another guy who never got a chance to join the fun in Civil War.

The short—dubbed “Team Thor”—will be available on the Captain America: Civil War blu-ray and digital releases, and Thor: Ragnarok will be in cinemas next November.

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