Eerie First Trailer Makes ‘Arrival’ Look Like the Most Realistic Alien Invasion Film Yet

Alien invasion movies don’t have the best of reputations. For every Independence Day, there’s a handful of absolute stinkers with overblown, unrealistic CGI and scripts and storylines that have been written and told hundreds of times before. The movie Arrival aims to change that.

The first trailer for the movie arrived yesterday, and gives us a decent insight into what we can expect. Arrival looks to focus much more on the dramatic, diplomatic side of an alien invasion, rather than the guns-blazing, explosions-everywhere action side of one.

According to the official synopsis, Amy Adams stars as an expert linguist who is enlisted by the U.S. government when a mysterious extraterrestrial spacecraft enter Earth’s atmosphere and hovers slightly above the ground. Alongisde Jeremy Renner, who plays a physicist, Adams’ character is tasked with attempting to investigate and communicate with this alien presence.

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