You’ll Want To Work From Home After You See How Much Bacteria A Typical Office Contains

Working from home is pretty damn amazing. You don’t need to worry about wasting time in pointless, “polite” conversations you’re forced to have with some co-workers. Your commute time is literally how long it takes for you to reach over the side of your bed and grab your laptop. You never have to worry about spending tons of money eating out because your personal kitchen is right in your home.

And you could totally have sex during your lunch break. It’s incredible.

But in case you needed any more reason to not work in an office, here’s another interesting tidbit: turns out that the typical office is a cesspool of germs.

The peeps over at Hloom gathered bacteria samples from both large and small office spaces and aggregated the data. The results were not good.


That’s right, the coffee pot handle is dirtier than a toilet seat, 34 times dirtier. And that copier start button? You’re better or jamming your hand in an animal’s water bowl.

This is how they calculated the germs.


Certainly there’s got to be a reason why there are so many germs floating around the office and it’s got to do with use. Lots and lots of use. Employees tend to touch 30 different items per minute in their workspaces, which means a lot of transfers of different bacteria from item to item.

They even broke down the different types of germs, too.


Gram-negative rods are the ones we should really be worried about, and just happen to be on work coffee pots everywhere. My God.

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