Thieves Attempt to Siphon Gas From a Bus But Accidentally Suck Out Sewage

A few fellas in Australia recently learned a lesson on why you should watch what you put in your mouth.

Some thieves really needed a little gasoline in their lives so they decided to attempt to siphon it from a tour bus. They snuck up to the bus in the middle of the night, stuck a hose in the tank, and got to sucking.

There was one big problem. They put the hose in the wrong place. So instead of siphoning gas, yep, they were siphoning from the sewage tank!

An investigating police sergeant said, “We can infer they [made] a very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth.”

Cops are still trying to track down the perps. Somehow we get the feeling those would-be criminals have already received their punishment.


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