Great news Game of Thrones fans, another George R.R. Martin book series is coming to TV

Yes, you have permission to get excited…

You will know George R.R. Martin as the author of the epic fantasy series A Song Of Ice And Fire, which was adapted for TV under the name Game of Thrones.

The series has gone on to be one of the most successful TV shows ever and holds the *cough* prestigious award of the most pirated TV show in history.

GRRM is also involved in a famous book series called Wild Cards which NBCUniversal’s Universal Cable Productions (UCP) have gained the rights to and hope to begin production on the first of several interlocking series on the books.

Wild Cards is a series which is part of a shared universe of books edited by GRRM and Melinda M. Snodgrass about a alternate history following World War II. An alien virus hits earth with 90% of those infected dying horribly, 9% becoming mutated and deformed by the virus and turning into what are called Jokers, and the remaining 1% gaining spectacular powers and being called Aces.

But Martin revealed on his Livejournal page that he wouldn’t be involved in the production of the series due to his exclusive deal HBO and his commitments to finishing the next book of A Song Of Ice And Fire series… is there any way he can speed that along a bit?

The first book of Wild Cards was published back in 1986 and there are 22 volumes of the series published to date with another scheduled for release later this month.

All we know is, if it’s half as good as Game of Thrones, we’ll definitely be tuning in…


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