Cara Delevingne tries out her ‘nipple detector’ on Margot Robbie – May be better to watch than Suicide Squad

Model, actress, tattoo artist – Cara Delvingne is a woman of many talents.

Including spotting your nipples through a shirt.

In the past few weeks Cara has been on the road promoting new movie Suicide Squad, and during a hilarious interview with co-stars Margot Robbie and Karen Fukuhara, Cara decide to demonstrate her party trick.

“I bet anyone who has a t-shirt on I can find their nipple right away. I have like a nipple detector in my mind,” she told journalist Kristien Morato.

Never one to shirk a bet, Margot offered to be a demo for Cara’s skill.

“You get to point, you don’t get to feel it you just get to point, the Aussie actress directed her.

How good is Cara Delvingne’s nipple detector? Pretty spot on.

Wanting to prove it was more than a fluke, Cara then pulled off a bullseye spotting the nipple on Karen Fukuhara, before finishing three for three with a quick guess on Kristien Morato.

“This is my favourite interview of my life,” said Cara as she finished off her nipple detecting.

It’s certainly the most original.

We’ll see you and the rest of the Suicide Squad gang in cinemas from 5 August.


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